tomorrow's calling - studying the world of Animal Crossing

A World for Everyone

"got a package full of wishes..."

Animal Crossing's world literally appeals to all sorts of folks:

For the nature aficionado, there are bugs and fish galore to catch. You can also plant, chop down, and replant trees as your arborist heart desires. Additionally, there is much to discover (in some AC games) concerning the growth and breeding of flowers, and there are plenty of seashells, plus an opportunity for growing profitable turnips and fruits of all sorts. You can get as garden-happy as you wish!
red snapper fish, which you can catch in game
normal tree
player character looking at flowers
white turnips, bought by Tom Nook for different prices every day
red turnips, grown for several days and then sold
apples, peaches, oranges, bananas, pears, durians, cherries

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For the fashion maven, you can buy outfits and accessories from the Able Sisters' shop, PLUS, for a fee, you'll be able to design 8 of your own unique patterns for you and your fellow villagers to wear about town! (This is ridiculously fun, and one of my favorite things to do even though I don't consider myself at ALL on-trend, LOL!) Additionally, Gracie the fashionable giraffe visits your town from time to time and gives you a chance to acquire some rare fashion pieces.
Gracie the fashionable giraffe
the Able Sisters' shop, where you can buy clothing and accessories
the design screen for designing your own clothes through the Able Sisters' shop

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For the home decorator, most of the game's world is your oyster. Collect all the same furniture and its matching carpet and wallpaper to design beautiful matchy-matchy rooms (and delight the Happy Room Academy committee), winning you bonus points and increasing your luck in-game. Alternatively, you could wave bye-bye to their restrictions and just put in what furniture you love best, because non-conformity is cool, yo. You can also buy bigger room sizes and add new rooms to your house as you pay off your mortgages to Nook!
For the avid collector, Animal Crossing caters to you as well! Collect anything from flowers and paintings to clothing and desks and other items...whatever makes you happy. Tom Nook's storefront, the dump/recycle bin, and even the black market salesman Redd are all good contacts to make when you're trying to collect things of a certain series/category. Also, be sure to check out Blathers the owl at your town's museum if you're trying to catch and catalog all the bugs, fish, fossils, and paintings available in the game (it can be done, and it's fun to do!).
For the music lover, you can acquire songs once a week on Saturday nights by going and listening to the friendly traveling canine musician K. K. Slider. Then you can listen to them any time back at your house by putting them in your stereo, which can manifest as a tape player, CD player, or large stereo with speakers. (You start out with a tape player in your house in all Animal Crossing games except for New Leaf so far.) Also, you can edit your town tune if you fancy yourself a composer (or just want to customize your town's song)!
For the social butterfly, there are lots of town events and holidays that roll by with the seasons, plus many special characters that serve your town or come to visit your town on a fairly regular basis. Chat each character up when you see them, and participate in the events...and don't forget to talk to the mayor to get some neat event swag to take home and enjoy! Also, talking with all your town's villagers every day is a great pastime as well, since you can learn what errands you can run for villagers, what items they might be looking for, etc.
For the one with wanderlust, the Animal Crossing games will occasionally give you the option to travel to an exotic island paradise or the city. But all AC games will allow you to visit other users' towns, swap items, talk to new villagers, get exotic fruit/new furniture to take home, etc. Check out all the locations here!
For the one who just likes to chill, never fear: most AC games cater to you, too! Starting in AC: Wild World for Nintendo DS, there's a super-cool coffee shop in the basement of the museum, which plays lovely piano music as you chat up the barista and get your morning cup of joe. You can also just take in the ambiance outside near the ocean or riverside to hear the water flow. In some games, you can view the stars and create your own constellations in the upstairs observatory in the museum. And, in the original Animal Crossing, you can also collect old NES games and play them at home--I miss this feature a lot in the new games!